"All around one of the best coaches in the city."

Would you like to...
Improve your audition technique?
Enhance your acting or presentation skills?
Work on a monologue or scene?
 Learn a dialect for an audition or performance? 
Barrie can help.


Barrie  Kreinik is an acting and dialect coach based in New York City. She works one-on-one with performers at all levels, providing a supportive atmosphere in which students can learn and grow.
As a working actor, Barrie understands what it takes to give an outstanding audition. Whether you're auditioning for college or grad school, Broadway or TV, Barrie can help you gain the confidence you need to walk into the room and book the job.
Barrie helps performers discover power, range, inspiration, and agility in their performance of monologues, scenes, songs, and other materials. She specializes in classical text, particularly Shakespeare, and teaches a mixture of acting techniques adapted to suit each student's needs.
Barrie is also a dialect coach with experience performing and teaching more than 25 dialects of English. If you need to learn a dialect for an audition or role, or if you just want to add a few more to your resume, Barrie can help. 
Barrie teaches an annual professional development class at Brown/Trinity Rep and has held teaching assistantships at Cornell University, Brown/Trinity, and Brown TheatreBridge. She has also served as dialect coach for numerous professional and student theatre productions. Barrie is an Associate Editor for the International Dialects of English Archive and a member of the Voice and Speech Teachers Association (VASTA).
In addition to her work with performers, Barrie coaches corporate executives and other professionals, helping them enhance their speaking ability, hone their presentation skills, and command attention through empathic presence. Her compassionate approach puts clients at ease while encouraging them to be their best selves -- both in the workplace and outside it.
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“Barrie has the rare talent of being an outstanding actress and an outstanding teacher and coach.  Her ability to meet each actor where they are -- whether a beginner or seasoned professional -- and put them at ease while bringing out the best in their work is quite remarkable.  She imparts a combination of technical proficiency and intuitive flow to each student’s work that is a requirement for every actor to put forth a believable and relatable performance. Her dialect work is top-notch as well. All around one of the best coaches in the city.
   - Tracy Bidleman, actor/singer
"Barrie is an active listener, a trusted confidant, and a brilliant teacher. She is knowledgeable and articulate, encouraging and passionate. Her genuine want for me to succeed made me feel comfortable and willing to take risks right off the bat. Barrie wants her actors to both realize and reach their potential. I would not have been able to achieve the confidence and the joy that I have in my work now without her. If you are looking to sharpen your skills or broaden your abilities as a performer, I cannot recommend Barrie highly enough."
   - Danielle Dorfman, Brown/Trinity Rep MFA class of 2020

"Barrie is my go-to person for dialect coaching!  She is a master, and also an amazing actress, so she is able to understand the balance of authenticity and being understood. She is also brilliant at working with me to find the character while avoiding letting the dialect run away with the role. A very special gift! Working with her has always been a delight in every way."

   - Cheryl Stern, actor/singer

"Working with Barrie truly gave me the confidence I needed to feel good about myself in my auditions. And, of course, I will always credit Barrie's coaching with my acceptance into one of my dream schools! She is a generous, supportive, and knowledgeable coach whom I would recommend to anyone looking to grow as an actor."

   - Sydney Mitchell, Rutgers MFA class of 2018

"I can't recommend a session with Barrie highly enough. I have worked with her on several different dialects and have been thrilled with the results. She is also a working NYC actor, so can offer that perspective in her work. She is very supportive and a joy to work with."
   - Amy Griffin, actor/singer

“Barrie is with you 100% of the way. She takes the time to see you as a human being in order to discover who you can become as an actor, and in doing so removes the unknowns and the stresses of the process. Barrie is dedicated to her students’ success.

   - Chandler James, Guildhall School of Music and Drama class of 2020