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Barrie began writing short stories and poetry as soon as she could read.

In the intervening decades, she transitioned to dramatic writing and creative nonfiction, focusing on plays, screenplays, personal essays, and opinion pieces. 

She also worked for seven years as an editor of academic journal articles.

Below are some of her recent and forthcoming projects.

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Barrie currently has two full-length plays in development:

The Queen of Fourteenth Street (originally In Love With Night) was a semifinalist for the 2021 Garry Marshall Theatre New Works Festival. The play had a developmental reading in January 2020, produced by the Bechdel Project
A Thousand Shapes was a semifinalist for the 2020 Bay Area Playwrights Festival and the 2020 Ashland New Plays Festival. The play has has had four developmental readings, most recently at Trinity Rep in 2019.

In 2013, Barrie received the Davis Wickham Playwriting Award at Brown/Trinity Rep.

She has written and performed two solo shows: piece(s), a performance-art collage (2006), and The Glamorous Life, a cabaret comedy (2009). 

In 2020, Barrie wrote and starred in Episode 3.03 of the popular web series Love in NY. ​In 2016, she wrote the screenplay for the short film Orphans, in which she also starred. 
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Creative Nonfiction

In 2020, Barrie began writing a creative nonfiction blog, Points of View. Her posts marry memoir with opinion, exploring the connection between the personal and the universal.

Barrie's memoir essay "Can I Get a Witness?" was published in the Winter 2019 issue of online journal Months to Years

She has also written three articles for performing arts news source Theaterhound:

"Not Only For Amusement: Eva Le Gallienne and the Civic Rep"

"Audiobooks: The Theatre of the Voice"

"The Wizard's Lair: The Man Behind the Belasco Theatre"

And an essay for Medium on one of her favorite subjects:

"Do You Have an Accent? (Hint: The Answer is Always Yes)"

Barrie is currently at work on two long-form nonfiction projects. Watch this space for details!
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